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Hi, My name is Sarah:

Six years ago my husband and I moved to Manhattan, Kansas where we now live with our six year old, spoiled rotten, Boxer and our two young kids. We love spending any free time we have together, as a family . We are basketball loving foodies that love to travel and make memories.

I fell in love with photography as a young child when I would flip through our family albums so often that I had memorized where every family photo we had was located. I became the family photographer ((and I still am)). In highschool I took every photography course offered until all that was left was independent study. I was accepted to the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign on my photography portfolio & 15+ years later I could not be more fulfilled by the work that I do. 

About my sessions:

I like to photograph during the “Golden Hours” of light [a few hours after sunrise, and the 2-3 hours just before sunset], in a ‘NATURAL SETTING’. 

I love shooting outdoors, so your session will be scheduled at a park, in a field, your backyard…. anywhere we can become one with nature!

(The only exception is for hospital birth stories, hospital portraits & newborn sessions)

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